Transportation Programs

We are currently testing the newly created Jefferson County Transit Call Center  636-933-9380. Please direct your Jefferson County transportation needs through this number.  However, if it is a DRA ride and you have never called them to do an intake, you need to call them first at the number listed below.


Disability Resource Association realizes that one of the biggest barriers for individuals with disabled and seniors is reliable transportation. Many of our consumers no longer drive or are unable to drive due to a disability. DRA transports individuals who are 18 years of age and older. If you do not have Medicaid we can offer you medical transportation in one of our vehicles

What kinds of transportation program does DRA offer?

DRA offers options which can hopefully meet your transportation needs.

Essential Medical/Shopping Transportation:

Transportation to medical appointments, X-Ray, Minor Outpatient surgery, and even prescription drop offs. This program features door-to-door services. DRA also offers transportation for your essential shopping needs.

DRA requests that you contact our office with a 5 days notice. We also need to have a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment.

For more information and any questions please contact Terry at 636-931-7696 ext 117.


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