We are currently testing the newly created Jefferson County Transit Call Center  636-933-9380. Please direct your Jefferson County transportation needs through this number.


Transportation in our society is synonymous with independence.  We use our vehicle to get to the store, to the doctor, to visit our family and friends, to run up the street to get lunch.  But what if we were no longer able to drive?  Do we lose that independence?  No.  Whether due to a medical condition such as Macular Degeneration or Neuropathy or because you notice there are a few more door dings than there used to be on your car, there ARE options available to you for transportation after you decide to retire from driving.  Seniors age 60 and better who live within the MEAAA service are who are no longer able to drive or lack access to a vehicle are eligible for transportation services.  Some areas also have additional resources in their community.  There are several types of transportation services available and knowing what is available in your area BEFORE you need them will ease the transition and help maintain that feeling of independence. 

Volunteer Driver Programs
St. Louis County provides a volunteer driver program through their County Older Resident Program.  Volunteers are available to take eligible clients to medical appointments and other high priority destinations.  Please contact (314) 615-4516 to find out the contact person for your area.
Senior Transportation and Rides (STAR) is available to seniors living in St. Charles County.  Eligible clients must be 60 or older, live in St. Charles County, be a non-driver or lack access to a vehicle, and living independently within the community.  STAR uses volunteers to take eligible clients to their medical appointments.  This program does not have any wheelchair accessible transportation.  Please call (636) 978-3306 for more information.