JeffCo Express is going to begin a new feature to it's Facebook page. It will run a story on selected riders and drivers. The first rider to be featured will be Carl Schoen.

Carl is a faithful rider of JeffCo Express. He says he is very grateful for JeffCo Express as he does not drive anymore, but still needs to get out and about. Carl rides every day to go to lunch, socialize, and shop. He also has an interesting hobby of building models of famous baseball parks (like these of old Sportsman Park of St. Louis and Wrigley Field in Chicago) with a working pitching and batting mechanism. His models have been featured in several news articles, museums, and other venues across the country. Thank You Carl for sharing your talents and riding with JeffCo Express. If you would like to contact Carl about his models, please provide your name and phone number and we will have him call you.

Below are some pictures of his hand made stadium replicas.


Sportsman's Park-St. Louis 1902-1966

Wrigley Field-Chicago 1914 to Present