We revised all of our routes on July 3. 2017 and we added a second Arnold route.

To download a PDF of the 2 Arnold Routes which added a second route and several new stops on July 3, 2017 click here.

To view the two Cross County schedules in the new Combined Schedule format click here.

To download a PDF of the HWY 30 Route click here

These system schedules are in the Portable Document Format (PDF) and require the free Acrobat Reader plug-in from Adobe. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you may download it for free from Adobe's website. The latest versions of Acrobat Reader include support for screen readers (Accessibility) via the Microsoft Active Access API (MSAA).


Arnold 1 Route-Orange
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Cross County Blue
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Cross County Green
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Hwy 30 Route
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