We want everyone’s ride to be as safe and comfortable as possible. Here’s what you can and can’t bring on board JeffCo Express buses. For questions about items you can or cannot bring on the bus in addition to those listed below, contact the JeffCo Express office at 636-933-9380 prior to getting on the bus.

  • Packages - You may bring up to four packages as you can keep under your control while the bus is moving. Secure loose items to prevent them from rolling around. Nothing may be placed in the aisle or next to the wheelchair lift.
  • Mobility Devices and Wheelchairs - We have buses and vans that are accessible for people who use mobility devices. When you call to reserve your ride, please tell the dispatcher if you use a mobility device such as a walker, manual or motorized wheelchair, scooter, etc., and if you will need a lift or ramp to enter the vehicle. All mobility devices must be secured within the vehicle by the driver. Our drivers have all received training in handling mobility devices and securing them properly.
  • Oxygen Tanks - Portable oxygen tanks are allowed on the vehicle but must be secured by the driver. Please let the dispatcher know when you schedule your ride if you will be bringing a portable oxygen tank on board.
  • Car Seats - If you are bringing a small children or infants with you on the bus, you must bring a car seat for them to use. You must restrain the car seat using the seat belts provided in the vehicle. The driver will not be responsible for restraining the car seat. Several JeffCo Express buses have integrated child seats on the bus. Ask the dispatcher if your bus has this. 
  • Strollers - Children must be removed from strollers. Strollers must be able to be collapsed and fit between the seats of the bus or secured by the driver. Strollers may not be placed in the aisle or next to the wheelchair lift.
  • Food and Drink - Food and beverages are allowed on the vehicle for medical needs only. Take all garbage with you when getting off the bus.
  • Pets (not service animals) - Pets are only allowed on the bus if prior arrangements have been made with the central office or driver. All pets must be in approved pet carriers and must fit on your lap or the seat next to you. Pet carriers are not allowed in the aisle or in the wheelchair lift area. You will be solely responsible for loading and unloading the pet carrier.
  • Service Animals - Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in vehicles and facilities operated by JeffCo Express. The rider may be refused transportation services if the service animal is not under the control of the person with the disability or if it is threatening the safety of others.
  • Cell Phones - While the use of cell phones is permitted on the bus, we ask that passengers please be considerate of the other riders. Loud talking that disturbs other passengers may result in a driver asking the offending passenger to refrain from using their cell phone.
  • Two-wheel shopping carts are allowed on board, but must be within these maximum dimensions: 18-by-18 inches and 30 inches high (excluding wheels and handles).

    Refusal of services

    JeffCo Express has empowered its drivers to refuse service to any passenger who is intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or may be dangerous or disruptive. Drivers also have the right to remove people from the bus who are belligerent, rude, or refuse to follow agency policies or directions. If the driver believes a passenger poses a safety or health threat to themselves or others, the driver may contact dispatch or the police for assistance. Passengers are not allowed to carry weapons on the vehicle. If a person has unreasonable personal hygiene, the agency director or transit coordinator may discuss the issue with the passenger and discuss corrective action that needs to be taken to continue riding the bus.