Deviation Feature

JeffCo Express is different than your standard fixed route transportation system in that we make special allowances (deviations) for people who have difficulties getting to the regularly designated stops. Reasons why people cannot get to a stop vary from distance, to physical restrictions due to age or disabilities. By offering deviated fixed route service we are trying to make JeffCo Express accessible to everyone.

To be picked up at their residence. Also, if their desired destination is within a one mile radius of the route we will deviate and drop them off there. Passengers making reservations for Deviated Fixed Route Service must call 2 business days in advance to schedule a pick up.

Reservations are limited and are on a first come first served basis.

Drivers may deviate when their schedules permit, as long as they remain close to their route schedule.

Can You Give Me an Example?

If you are planning on using the deviated fixed route feature of our service you will need to plan your pickups and destinations around our fixed route schedule, which is available on-line or by request. If you are having problems with planning please feel free to call our Project Coordinator  at 636-465-0983 extension 108.

If you live in DeSoto and for some reason you cannot make it to a bus stop (with at least two business days advance notice) you can call the JeffCo Express Scheduling Office at 636-933-9380 and a JeffCo Express bus will pick you up in front of your residence. For instance, you have a doctor’s appointment near Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC). JeffCo Express would need you to schedule that appointment around the time we would normally stop at the JRMC. Instead of dropping you off at the JRMC and making you walk the rest of the way to your doctor’s office, JeffCo Express will drop you off at the doctor’s front door. The same procedure would be used for your return trips.The deviated fixed route feature is available to everyone who cannot get to our regular stops and lives within a one mile radius of the route.

Just remember that you need to schedule your drop offs and pickups around our schedule and give us at least two days advance notice of your reservation request. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis and the cost is twice the regular fare.

Important Contact Information

For information about discount ID cards and questions regarding the service call the program coordinator at 636-465-0983 extension 108 or e-mail

To make your reservations for Deviated Fixed Route service call 636-933-9380.

To mail requests for bus passes or Discount Card applications send your request to:

JeffCo Express  3875 Plass Rd Bldg A  Festus, MO 63028