ADA Accessibility

All JeffCo Express vehicles are equipped with lifts to assist passengers who cannot use the stairs. Priority seating is available for passengers who have a disability. For customers using wheelchairs or scooters, there are two reserved seating areas, which are equipped with securement devices to help ensure a safe and secure ride.

Deviated fixed-route services are designed to provide equivalent access to areas served by the fixed-route services. Accordingly, service is only available for individuals whose trips begin and end within a 1 mile radius of the route during the hours of operation of the bus route.

While a person with a disability may be the most likely to use the deviated fixed route option, any resident of Jefferson County who lives within the one mile radius requirement may utilize deviated fixed-route service from JeffCo Express. For reservations or cancellations call636-933-9380.  Reservations must be called in 2 business days in advance.  Deviations per day are limited and given on a first come first served basis.

To request an application for a JeffCo Express Disability Discount ID Card please call 636-465-0983  X106.  You need to send a color picture of yourself with your application or you will need to come in to have your picture taken. 

Click here for application for Disability Discount Card