JeffCo Express provides a convenient, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to travel to work, school, shopping, events and other important destinations throughout the region.  And using JeffCo Express is easy.  Use the online Trip Planner or check out our Schedules and Maps to plan your commute, or find out more about fares.

You can also learn some of the basics on how to ride JeffCo Express, and find out more about accessibility, using your bike with transit, and the benefits of using JeffCo Express.

Waiting for the Bus

Individuals wishing to ride the bus must wait for the bus at the designated bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the bus scheduled arrival. The passenger is responsible for being at the stop when the bus arrives.  However, during inclement weather, passengers may find nearby shelter, but you must be heading to the bus stop when the bus approaches so the driver knows you intend to ride. 

If you don't find what you are looking for search the site or contact our one call center at 636-933-9380.

General Rules for Riding

Riders have responsibilities, too. The following rules are enforced by JeffCo Express personnel and carry a penalty up to $250 and/or exclusion from the transit system:


Valid and correct fare is required.

A valid pass or correct cash fare is required on JeffCo Express. Without it, you cannot ride the JeffCo Express..


Move for seniors and people with disabilities.

In the priority seating area by the door, you are required to move for seniors and people with disabilities. They need that seat more than you do! (It’s okay to use this area as long as it is not occupied or needed.)


Don’t threaten or intimidate riders or operators.

It’s unlawful to threaten the safety of a rider or driver, or interfere with the movement of a bus.


Don’t be so loud that you disturb others.

Everyone deserves a comfortable ride. Excessive noise is not allowed on JeffCo Express. You must use headsets to listen to all electronic devices.


Don’t block the aisles or doors.

If you have a bag or bike, make sure it’s not blocking the aisle or doorway. On buses with steps, strollers must be folded after boarding.


Keep food and drinks in closed containers.

Eating is not allowed on JeffCo Express vehicles, but you can bring food and drinks on board in closed containers.


Smoking is prohibited on our buses. If you smoke, be considerate of your fellow riders by moving away from the bus stop. 

Using cash ?

When you board, place your exact cash fare in the farebox.  Fareboxes accept any combination of bills and coins (including $1 coins).

Please note: Bus drivers cannot make change.

Using a pass?

Show your pass or vault to the driver and have a seat. Do not place your pass in the farebox.