We Need Community Support for Our Matching Dollars

For years many residents of Jefferson County were facing a problem with transportation.  But that has changed since JeffCo Express, the first public transportation system in Jefferson County,  has been running a deviated fixed route service from DeSoto to Hillsboro over to Festus, then Pevely then up to Arnold... and back...currently three times a day.  

We have added a Arnold City and a second Cross County route that cuts waiting time in half.  We started a new HWY 30 route to the west side of Jefferson County and more frequent services are planned for the existing routes.  This historic transportation system is not finished expanding.

But with the celebration of the sixth anniversary, is the stark reality of growing pains...

You may be asking why you should give to JeffCo Express.  Especially if you do not currently use the service.  The answer is simple.  Your contribution is an investment...a much needed investment in the overall growth and development of Jefferson County.

JeffCo Express now offers increased mobility options to Jefferson County residents, particularly those without cars, who tend to be lower-income.  JeffCo Express enhances local economic growth in many ways.  It can increase the local customer base for a wide range of services including shopping, medical facilities, educational institutions and employment.

While Jefferson County Community Partnership has secured federal funds, there have been obstacles in obtaining the required match portion needed for operating funds. Without these match funds...JeffCo Express cannot continue or expand services. 

Future sustainability plans include dollars allocated by the Jefferson County government, sponsorship dollars and increased ridership.

We truly need community support....now!   You may support JeffCo Express by featuring your business on the bus as one of our sponsors,
 to help in spreading the word to families and friends about this much needed service.


Tracy Smith, Executive Director
Jefferson County Community Partnership

Thanks to our Sponsors