Meet Alexandria Richardson

Alexandria (she prefers Alex) has been a faithful rider of JeffCo Express (JCX) for over a year. She uses the JCX deviation service to ride from her residence to the YMCA to volunteer and now to Goodwill to work part-time. She really likes riding the buses as the drivers “are very friendly, funny, and make my day”- so she feels safe. When asked about her work and volunteering, she said she would be too bored just sitting around and likes meeting new people, she likes having a little of her own money, and has a goal of getting a cell phone. She likes talking to and helping customers and does a variety of tasks at both places. She is thankful to her job coach.

Alex is very active, positive and makes a definite contribution to our community. As a survivor of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ herself, she is very concerned about other babies not being mistreated.  If she sees parents in distress with their children, she will sweetly ask “Do you need some help?” She is an advocate for Shaken Baby Prevention and reminds us to “never, ever shake a baby”.

Her other interests include participating in the Special Olympics and has been into swimming for quite a while,  and just recently got involved in bowling as well. She really appreciates her swim coach.

So, thank you Alex, for riding with JeffCo Express and letting us fulfill your transportation needs, and for allowing us to share your story.