Shared Rider Stories


“I like riding the JeffCo Bus because it has such a great assortment of places to go to; Grocery stores, drug stores, Super Cuts to get a haircut. Dollar General, Target, Chick-fil-a and etc. I think the two drivers we have on our route are great. They are very careful drivers, courteous, and helpful. Lia and Victor are also great about being on time with their bus.”



Thank You, Norman B. (Arnold)




“It is my only way to get out and go to various places like the grocery store or drug store or to get my hair done or shop at Wal-Mart. I like to get out because I don’t like to stay closed in my apartment all the time. Its also my chance to meet other people. I also like my bus drivers on this route very much.”




Thank you, Pauline Edna B. (Arnold)




“I am unemployed and it saves me at least it saves me at least $100 a month in gas. The bus is always on time and the drivers are courteous and helpful.”




Jack J. (Festus)




“It helps a lot because with all of our other bills, like rent, electric, and many more it is hard to have a car. I live 18 miles from work and I have walked that 18 miles from 12:30 at night to 6:00 am in the morning to get to work. I have diabetes and my wife can’t walk very far because of her many knee operations. Without JeffCo Express we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere or I couldn’t have a job. I have used JeffCo Express a lot. I like the deviation feature, it comes to your home for just $2 more a person. It is a cheap way to go. I feel a lot of people should use JeffCo Express.”




Tim C. (Pevely)