Transportation Solutions Committee (TSC)

A Major Collaboration Effort to Provide a Public Transportation Option to Jefferson County

JeffCo ExpressThe Transportation Solutions Committee (TSC), a large, diverse group of nonprofit agencies and public providers, has been working on a plan to offer public transportation since July 2007. In order to design a sustainable transportation system, the committee recognized that the service must be available for public use as well as accommodating people with disabilities. An initial investment by the Missouri Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities (MPCDD) to Jefferson County Developmental Resource Board (JCDDRB) supported a ten-month planning period. The JCDDRB approached Jefferson County Community Partenrship to serve as the project coordinator and that is how the Transportation Solutions Committee was formed. The committee was built with the intent of getting a large cross section or non-profits, disability care service, medical and senior services as well as representatives from the business community.

In May of 2008, JCDDRB was given a second grant by the MPCDD to fund the implementation phase. The Transportation Solutions Committee and JCCP used the proceeds of the grants to leverage federal investment in the capital costs of purchasing their first bus and made applications to MoDOT and East-West Gateway Council of Governments for Federal Transportation Administration funding.

Then in April 2009 the TSC made additional grant applications and was approved for 3 years of funding by MoDOT under the New Freedom Program, which supports new public transportation services and alternatives beyond those required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that assist individuals with disabilities with their transportation needs. We later made an application to the East-West Gateway Council of Governments who approved two years of funding to launch a bus route for the City of Arnold. The funding was for purchasing additional buses and expansion of services.

The new service, was named "JeffCo Express." It offers accessible, affordable public transportation along a deviated fixed-route from DeSoto to Arnold and the Cross County Route was launched November of 2009. JeffCo Express was designed to fill the gaps between human service and public transportation services and to facilitate the integration of individuals with disabilities into the workforce and full participation in the community.

In March of 2010 we launched the Arnold Route and to date we have provided 8,666 one way rides. Our Cross County Route has provided 10,276 one way rides and that brings the total number of rides provided by JeffCo Express to 18,942.

Deviated fixed-route services are designed to provide equivalent access to areas served by the fixed-route services. Accordingly, service is only available for individuals whose trips begin and end within a 1 mile radius of the route during the hours of operation of the bus route. Past and Present Members of Transportation Solutions Committee:

Developmental Disabilities Advocates (Formerly known as Jefferson County Developmental Disabilities Resource Board)
Disability Resource Association

Aging Ahead (Formerly known as Mid-East Area Agency on Aging)
OATS Transit
-JC Transit
Huskey Bus & Transportation Services

Jefferson County Health Department
Jefferson Regional Medical Center (Now Mercy-Jefferson Hospital)

Jefferson College
Jefferson County Community Partnership

Jefferson County Council and County Executive
The City of Arnold

The City of Hillsboro
The City of DeSoto
The City of Festus
Metro Business College
St Louis Regional Center Office
Jefferson County Online
Jefferson County Libraries
Mapaville State School
Missouri Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities